A+ offers a complete line of Hewlett Packard/Compaq and Dell servers. Our servers are the most up to date on the market and we can offer you the server with the capabilities and speed your business needs to be successful in the technical age. We install and support your servers to provide you with the best solutions available as well as keeping your hardware and software serviced and updated.


At A+, we have cabling capabilities for all of your needs. From Cat 5 and Cat 6 type Ethernet, to fiber and telephone, we have what you want. Additionally, our technicians will have your project done on time and at a competitive cost. Not sure what type of cable is best for you or your company? Give us a call today and we can advise you as to what would best meet your needs.

VPN- Virtual Private Network

A VPN allows employee's remote access from home, hotels, meetings, etc. A+ helps your employee's and you to be more productiveas:
-Remote access client connections.
-LAN-to-LAN internet working.
-Controlled access within and intranet.

Key Benefits

-Secures Data
-Saves Money on toll charges
-Allows secure access from anywhere on the Internet


Secure your network from intrusion. Firewalls make it safer to function on the web. It will hide your network from outside sources.


Protect your computer from Viruses and Worms with the latest in virus protection.


A+ carries a variety of desktop and mini tower personal computers. We are a Value Added Resaler (VAR) for many computer manufacturers including HP, Compaq, Dell, and Equus. We can custom build computers to accommodate your exact needs. Be working with many different personal computer manufacturers, we are able to provide you with the computer you need in the price range you can afford.


Your life is mobile and fast paced. At A+, we have just the tablet or laptop computer to meet your needs, including such brands as HP, Compaq, and Dell. We also offer Motion Computing brand tablets to keep you on the go!


Need the speed of a laptop but need a little more mobilty? here at A+ we have you covered with a motion computing tablet.


We live in a mobile and on-the-go world and your office is no different. Allow the users in your office access from anywhere on your premise. No cables are needed to connect you when you move from one area to another within your workplace. Recent advancements in speed and technology have made wireless networks favor comparably to wired networks.
Wireless networks can co-exist within your current network. Best of all, wireless network are easy to install and are cost efficient and hassle free.
Wireless on the Go
With the right solution you can give your road warriors secure access to data they need to make your company more successful

Key Benefits

Access to email from anywhere
Access to business affecting data
Increased communication.